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Tadamun Social Society

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Tadamun Social Society (TASS) is a National, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Non-profit, and Non-political organization that was established in 1992 by national intellectuals who felt the importance and need in the region of such an NGO and it start-ed it operation Bossaso through establishing schools. Gradual expansion occurred and TASS schools be-came popular in whole of Puntland producing yearly large numbers of students both primary and second-ary. TASS is registered in Puntland State of Somalia and closely collaborates with line ministries to provide inclusive services to communities.
TASS started its operation in Bossaso of Bari region and later expanded to all regions of Puntland as well as establishing field offices in Garowe and Galkayo. TASS launched new logo in January 2010 to replace the old logo. The new logo represents peace, educa-tion, development, unity, and prosperity.
Tadamun Social Society was serving the Somali com-munity for 22 years and possesses wide range experi-ence on social development such as education, health, infrastructure, psychosocial, etc and relief such as working with IDPs and refugees. TASS committed to support wellbeing of Somali community through im-plementation of relief (IDP, Food and Medicine distribu-tions) and development (Health, Education, and Water) Programs mainly for vulnerable and needy groups.

Eid Adha Mubarak

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