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Tadamun   Social   Society    (TASS) is aNational, Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), No n-profit, that was established in 1992 by national intellectuals who felt the importance and the need in the region of such an NGO to contribute social wellbeing and it started its humanitarian and development operations in Bossaso through establishing schools to educate young people then gradually expanded its support services. TASS schools became popular in whole of Puntland producing large number of students in yearly basis both primary and secondary.

TASS is legally registered in Puntland State of Somalia and as well as Somali Federal Government, it closely collaborates with line ministries, project stakeholders including donors, partners, community leaders to provide inclusive services to communities.

TASS is one of the largest humanitarian and development organizations in Puntland –Somalia, our headquarters is Bosaso and its sub-offices are in Garowe, Gardo and Galkaio, TASS launched new logo in January 2010 to replace the old logo. The new logo represents peace, education, development, unity, and prosperity. TASS quickly became a trusted vehicle for the concern and generosity many donors and local communities.

Tadamun Social Society has been serving for Somali community since 1992 during these decades it gained wide range experience in humanitarian and development sectors such as education, health, Nutrition, protection infrastructure, WASH, emergency preparedness, youth and women empowerment programs. TASS service beneficiaries include IDPs, host community and refugees including children.


Attainment of improved situation of the Somali society participation with equal access rights to services and restored the dignity and rights of Somali society.


To work towards promoting peace, stability and development through the sectors of education, health, water, protection & advocacy, and disaster preparedness.



  • To contribute much in improvement of basic services such education, health and nutrition services to enable and empower local people enjoy their rights.
  • To promote protection services for children and women in prevention and response approach based.
  • To provide support services to vulnerable groups and advocate for their rights
  • To initiate and implement sustainable humanitarian and development programs for the community in participatory approach.
  • To undertake needs assessment for planning an appropriate intervention to address raised needs.
  • To build the capacity of governmental and non-governmental institutions to empower them fulfill their duties effectively.
  • To contribute creation of protective environment for all
  • To make advocacy for vulnerable community members in accessing and practicing their rights.
  • To undertake research on the areas of humanitarian and development sectors at local level to recommend right future interventions.
  • To empower local community quit dependency syndrome


Justice: We believe all people ought to be treated equally and all needy people are equal to our support services.

Respect: We often show a courteous expression (by word or deed) to all multi-cultural people.

Excellence: We provide services with quality of excelling in high degree.

Commitment: We are committed to our services and objectives and will make sacrifices for the protection and the support to our stakeholders and beneficiaries.





TASS’s board of directors is the organization’s governing body, comprising of 7 people 5 male and 2 females, one-third of the BOD members are the founders of the organization, they are elected by the members at an annual meeting.

All members are responsible for gaining a basic understanding and initiating action in support of TASS mission, goals and programs. This includes assisting in expanding TASS’s outreach and increasing its visibility and donor support. All board members are volunteers and serve without compensation.


The board of directors appoints TASS’s executive director, Program manager, education officer and accountant and internal auditor. The executive director chairs the executive committee and he is the contact person and led the management of operation in close monitoring the performance of the sections such as program, Finance and etc.


TASS partners with UN (UNICEF, WFP, UNDP and UNFPA) and international organizations (Somali Stability Fund, Save the Children International, CARE international, Oxfam-Novib, Islamic Development Bank (IDB), International Islamic Relief Organization (IIRO), Turkey Di-yanet Foundation – TDV, African Relief fund, Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), and closely collaborates with the local community as well as existing authority in social services.

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