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TB is one of epidemic diseases that mainly affects local people here in Puntland, so TASS in close collaboration other relief agencies has established Bosaso TB control center in Bosaso in 1996 to offer free diagnoses and free treatment for TB patients. The center now offers health care services for 400 TB patients.

Mobile clinics play an integral element of the healthcare system that serves vulnerable populations and promotes high-quality care  particularly for the people in remote areas or rural villages, to save lives and promote health wellbeing of rural communities in Puntland, TASS undertook mobile clinic services reaching 80 villages with 39,000 people in Bari, Nugal, Mudug, and Sanaag regions to improve access for vulnerable populations to health care receiving free diagnosing services and free treatment.

Nutrition for children refers to everything that a child eats and drinks. As poor nutrition can cause health problems, TASS has implemented nutrition program in 12 health centers/MCHs in villages of Sool and Sanaag regions, it offers MCH staff payment, nutritional supply and regular monitoring and supervision in collaboration with the ministry of health (MOH).

  • TB Control services
  • Mobile clinics services
  • Emergency health reponse and Nutrition services

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