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TASS Intervention on drought affected areas response

(Food distribution with water trucking).

According to the latest rainfall analysis by FAO-managed Somalia Water and Land Information Management (SWALIM). This is due to the failure of 3 consecutive rains resulted in severe drought that has affected thousands of people in Puntland, where communities in Bari, Nugal, Sool, Sanag and Karkaar regions were the most affected especially and  the situation in Puntland has significantly deteriorated from severe to extreme generally and this aggravated the already poor conditions.

Therefore, an initial appeal issued by the Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management Agency (HADMA) was followed by another appeal from the President of Puntland State of Somalia the following month, reaffirming HADMA’s earlier request to the humanitarian partners to provide assistance to drought affected communities.

By virtue of this, when the situation became acute in most of the affected areas, TASS was among partners who had mobilized own funds started providing assistance to people in hard hit areas. TASS with the support of Direct Aid organization continued to respond to the people affected by the drought which was coupled with mobilization of additional funds.

TASS continuously stands for the protection of the civilians and to save the lives of the people in particular the people affected by the severe drought which resulted the loss of livestock’s and human being, several components of solid food were distributed alongside with  numerous water tanks to fight against the extreme famine and thirty. This improved the resilience of the people in the short run even though the needs of the people affected by the drought is far from over.

TASS in association with the drought committee with regional and district- level drought response committees in Puntland  improved efforts to save lives and livelihoods in the areas hardest hit by the drought. It prioritized provision of food and water trucking had developed the mapping on the most critically affected areas. According to this mapping, 2,090 HHs had received (25kg Rice, 25kg white Flour, 10kg sugar, 4kg of dates, 6kg cooking oil, 2 cans of powder milk-coast) as below with the allocated number of beneficiaries.

Region District Village # of beneficiaries
Bari & Karkaar



Ufayn Ufayn 200
Waaciye Waaciye 100
Gardo Guudcad 50
  Yaka 60
  Libow 30
  Shire 60
  Gardo 740
Rako Rako 320
Liqan 30
Qodax 40
Xumbays 110
Sub-Total Beneficiaries   1740
Highland Dhahar Dhahar 180
  Buraan 90
  Boodda 80
Sub- Total Beneficiaries   350
Grand Total of All beneficiaries   2090


TASS Water Trucking Beneficiaries per Region 2017

No Sites Mudug region Number of trucks  # of Beneficiaries (Family)HH
(Villages) Targeted   District       
1 Laanqawar  Mudug  2 8
2  Saldhagax   Mudug  2 10
3  Laasocadale   Mudug  3 18
4  Laasodhaadheer  Mudug  3 15
5  Ina ciirmire  Mudug  1 5
6  Taallo guduud  Mudug  2 8
8  Caado    Mudug  2 8
9  Libintir   Mudug  4 30
10  Xaradhaban   Mudug  3 10
11 Docol      Mudug 2 5
12 Caanomacay   Mudug 2 5
13 Dhabarey  Mudug 1 4
14 Mabeneye   Mudug 1 4
15 Saldhagax Dohda  Mudug 2 8
 16 Goljano Ayn  11 60
17 Hirsiga Ayn 13 40
Total 54 238


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