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Halimo Ahmed Mohamud

Name: Halimo Ahmed Mohamud       

Age:  34

Place:    Gardo

Halima 34 years old mother with 5 orphan children was one of TASS Livelihood Project beneficiaries. She had experienced unemployment for many years and was not able to feed her children and pay their school fees. Some of her relatives used to support every other month with some food which was too little to sustain her family.

Fortunately, she was trained on tie and dye and given materials to start up her own small businesses by TASS after she completed tie and dye training course.  Currently She manages her own small business, and she said “I am empowered by TASS I am able to dye clothes professionally. I have already rented a small shop near my house and now I am earning money to help my children and pay tax to government, and my children go to school like other children in my village” and added that she leading a happy family.

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