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lives in Banadir IDP camp and was one of famous circumcisers in Garowe, Nugal region, she used to circumcise 9-16 girls per month, performing pharaonic type of total removal and stitching, the mothers and grandmothers were happy about that after circumcision they used to sing for circumcised girls to express that great job was done for girls.

Hawa mentioned and said “I used to earn on girls’ circumcision for long time but now I am voluntarily working with CPAs and CPCs in Garowe on anti -FGM/C community awareness raising. She commented on how she decided to abandon FGM/C practices, by saying “protection staff came to my IDP settlement and started FGM/C abandonment community awareness at beginning i thought that they are challenging my occupation she said.

After i attended FGM/C community dialogue organized by TASS twice a month, then i started to think about FGM/C complications that girls and women facing all the time, initially, i felt sympathy for girls while performing FGM/C and i could not stop as my living was depended on FGM/C wages/money.

“Eventually I decided to abandon circumcising girls because I understood that Islamic religion does not permit to cut girls”  “0n the other hand, I believed that FGM/C practice which was my preview primary work was so unlawful” and  then I had committed  to inform my neighbors  that i halted FGM/C practice /total abandonment  and  started to work voluntarily with CPAs and child  protection Committees (CPCs) in Garowe.

Hawa has been an IDP for more than 18 years in Garowe IDP camps. It is actually remarkable that HAWA ‘s commitment and how she immediately became anti-FGM/C community mobilizer voluntarily.

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