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Mohamud Abdirizak TASS

Mohamud Abdirizak

Name: Mohamud Abdirizak

Age:  20        

Family status: Married

Place of residence:  Sheerbi .

It is noteworthy, to mention this success story of Mohamud, he lived with his aged mom in Sheerbi, he was unemployed, he left his education in primary school and nothing to do while he is the village, he used to think about how could he earn money to support himself and his mom livings, that was his dream that one day he could get an opportunity to realize his dream once in his live time but unlucky he did not get access to employment so felt unpleasant.

So after time TASS has advertised entrepreneurship and skills trainings for youth and women in Gardo and its surrounding villages, he noted the information and applied to participate entrepreneurship training fortunately he was admitted to be one of the trainees and immediately after training the participants were awarded grants to start up their own small business.

He became business man and started up his own business in Sheerbi village, he is now one the best known business men in his villages, he runs his business and he advanced his business skill and has covered the needs of his family through his profit, he is very happy of progress and he encourages other young people to avoid any thing that may lead them in stray like being gangs, terrorist, pirate and idle.

Mohamud interests to support young people in his village, sometimes he funds sports treatments for young people and gives moral speech to youth so that they became talented and cooperative ones.

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