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Attainment of full participation in the building of the Somali society by improved the quality of livelihoods, and restored the dignity and rights of Somali society.

Our mission is to work towards promoting peace and stability, social and develop-ment through education, health, and water, advocacy & protection, and disaster pre-paredness.


  • ┬áTo improve education and empower people develop themselves.
  • To promote protection services for children and women.
  • To provide support to vulnerable groups with humanitarian relief services.
  • To advocate female development activities through equipping them with know how skills.
  • Encourage and support youth activities such as sports, training, and camps, etc.
  • To assist in creating income generating program for the IDPs and poor people.
  • Capacity building for governmental and non-governmental institutions so as enable them handle their duties and responsibilities effectively.
  • To empower local community quit dependency syndrome
  • To promote participatory community approach.


Justice: We believe all people ought to be treated equally and all needy people are equal to our support services.
Respect: We often show a courteous expression (by word or deed) to all multi-cul-tural people.
Excellence: We provide services with quality of excelling in high degree. Commitment: We are committed to our services and objectives and will make sacri-fices for the protection and the support to our stakeholders and beneficiaries.


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