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Youth Empowerment

Youth empowerment reflects building the capacity of the future generations to help themselves and others to contribute general wellbeing interns of stability and social economic aspects TASS Implemented Life Skills Based Education project with support from ILO and UNICEF. The program addressed youth who dropped out school or missed educational and employment opportunities as a result of history of conflict and instability. 320 youth were trained on Start up Your Business Skills through business entrepreneurship training manual developed by ILO. Out of the trained 320 youth, 56 youth who came with best business ideas and plans were selected and awarded small grant to start up business entrepreneurship. Through this project, 320 youth had acquired Start up Your Business Skills and 56 youth had opened up their own business centers in Garowe and Bossaso.

TASS established youth resource center in Bosaso with various services such as ICT, library youth life skills training rooms, recreational games fields, child garden, cafeteria and GYM rooms, the construction and equipping activities are due complete in November 2016.

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